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WATER TECH - new book release

Water stewardship is in its infancy–yet the possibilities for private industry to drive innovation and support improved performance from the public sector is huge. Private industry has always sought water innovation, but in the past, the pressures were different

from those emerging in today’s highly branded,globalised and

increasingly water stressed world. This book lays out in clear terms why companies need to act and shows how Water-Tech will play a crucial role in bridging the internal with external worlds of water management with stewardship practice.


 —Stuart Orr, Head of Water Stewardship, WWF International


This book is a welcome, uplifting addition to the water literature. It points out that water problems in fact can be solved, once the risk is properly understood. Thanks to this contribution we are now approaching the point where necessity meets ability, and where water becomes an investment opportunity.


 —Piet Klop, PGGM


Water matters to us all, whether CEOs, elected officials or
consumers. Twothirds of the world’s population over the next 20 years will experience some type of water shortage. Sarni and Pechet have written an accessible primer on the dynamics of
water supply and demand and on the way forward for industry leaders, government regulators, municipal managers
and financiers. Much of our profligate water use – including the 70% used by agriculture – is easily reduced through tracking,
pricing, efficiency, recycling, reuse and innovation (technology and practice). Industry can lead the way through individual action and precompetitive collaboration with government, financiers, and civil society to address issues of pricing, regulation, and
commercialization of new innovations.


 —Tensie Whelan, President, Rainforest Alliance


As in energy, addressing the global water challenges of the 21st century will require innovations in technology, investment, and thinking. Sarni and Pechet’s book is a highly readable and
invaluable guide, helping point the way to a new, sustainable
water future for the planet.”


—Clint Wilder, Senior Editor at CleanEdge and co-author,

The Clean Tech Revolution and Clean Tech Nation

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